What’s the Best Machete? 2020 Review

In order to answer that question, you are going to need to make some considerations about what you would like to do with your machete and browse some machete reviews. Machetes come in a large variety of shapes and sizes; each shape is suited for a specific purpose. Once you know what you need in a machete, you need to narrow it down to finding the best type as well as a one that is manufactured by the best brands. You have to make a well informed decision before you can find the best machete that will last you a lifetime.

To help you choose the best machete, we will discuss on all the important factors you need to keep into account before making your purchase. First, we will start by defining the tool then discuss other essential details on how to choose one and how to use one. We will also provide reviews of the overall top machetes on Amazon today. But you can also go further and get informed about the best survival machete and the best machete for clearing brush in order to have a complete view of all that’s out there.

What Is the best Machete on Amazon in 2020?

To answer this question, we have done a detailed research of all the machetes that are available on amazon. After reading reviews left by real users and in some cases practically using the machetes, we have be able to come up with a list of the best 9 machetes on Amazon in 2019. Check out our list below:

Best Golok Machete – Condor Tool 14-Inch

best machete Condor Tool and knife Golok machete

Best Price

The Condor Tool and Knife 14-inch Golok is a beautiful machete that can easily substitute for a fixed blade or an axe. This 14-inch Condor has an awesome walnut handle that is curved to fit in your grip perfectly. There is a lanyard hole on the end of the handle to hang the tool.

The Condor 14-inch Golok has an Indonesian design that encompasses a thick blade with a pronounced taper. The blade can be used for various tasks for example: slashing through tall grass, slicing through a watermelon and chopping thick vegetation. This Golok also has an extensive history of being used on the battlefield too.

The Condor Tool and Knife 14-inch Golok is a superior quality blade that comes with a heavy duty construction guaranteed to last a lifetime. The 14-inch full tang blade is made of high carbon steel for enhanced durability and excellent corrosion and rust resistance properties. Condor’s special classic speckled finish is displayed on the straight part of the blade. It comes with an exquisite made heavy duty hand crafted welted brown leather sheath to keep it in a top quality condition.

Pros of Condor Tool and Knife 14-Inch Golok 

  • A 14-inch blade made from high carbon steel for excellent rust and corrosion resistance properties
  • Features an Indonesian design that encompasses a thick blade with a pronounced taper
  • Can be used for slicing ,slashing and chopping
  • The walnut handle is perfectly curved to fit your grip
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Exquisitely made heavy-duty leather sheath
  • Razor sharp blade

Cons of Condor Tool and Knife 14-Inch Golok 

  • It is expensive but this is due to its quality and durability
  • Some customers may fear to buy because of its incredible sharpness

Best Bush Machete – Tramontina Wood Handle Bush

best machete Tramontina bush machete

Best Price

The Tramontina wood handle is a beautiful tool that has the highest quality and finest details you are looking for. The machete can be used for a wide range of tasks, including trimming overgrown flowers, harvesting fruits and crops from the garden, chopping and clearing bushes.

The Tramontina comes with a comfortable handle design that features an intelligent texture pattern that not only ensures a firm and comfortable grip but also increases precision substantially. The safe and secure reverting of high quality wood on the handle of this blade significantly boost its operation.

The Tramontina Bush blade also comes with a razor like blade that is impressively thin about 0.08 inches, giving you a good balance between weight and strength. The thinness also reduces the weight of handling it, allowing you to clear a big part of the garden with just a single swipe. The blade is made from carbon steel and finished with a coating of vanish to make it resistant to corrosion and rust. It is also backed with a lifetime warranty.

Pros of Tramontina Wood Bush 

  • Made from high carbon steel that is durable and easy to re-sharpen
  • Can be used for a wide range of functions, including trimming overgrown flowers, harvesting fruits, crops from the garden, chopping and clearing bushes
  • Has a razor like blade that is impressively thin about 0.08inches, giving you a good balance between weight and strength
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty
  • Has an ergonomic handle for enhanced comfort
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Full tang construction and very good length
  • Very affordable price
  • Lightweight and excellent balance

Cons of Tramontina Wood Bush 

  • It is razor-like, therefore, you should be more careful when using it
  • Requires further sharpening immediately after purchase
  • Does not come with a sheath

Best Kukri Machete – Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus

best machete Cold Steel Kukri

Best Price

The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri is an ideal option for machete enthusiasts looking for a sturdy and sharp all around multifunctional blade. It is styled after the travelling Gurkha mountaineers with a wide curved blade and is made using high carbon steel with a sturdy spring temper to give it strength to cut and chop via thick vegetation. It also boasts a black, baked-on anti-rust matte finish giving the blade added durability in extreme climatic conditions.

Specially made for extreme weather conditions, the comfortable 5 inch long polypropylene handle is ergonomically designed for maximum safety and comfort by allowing you to keep a firm grip. The handle is rugged enough to prevent it from breaking, cracking or chipping. There is also a lanyard hole at the end of the handle to allow you to attach a cord for extra security.

The Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri comes rough sharpened at the factory and with a good level of sharpness. However, a few strikes of a sharpening stone are needed immediately after purchase to ensure the blade is razor sharp and ready to cut tree limbs of up to 1-inch thick.

Pros of the Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri 

  • Made from O-1 High Carbon Steel for maximum strength, durability and long lasting sharpness
  • Black, baked-on anti-corrosion and rust resistant finish
  • Incredibly sharp and strong blade
  • An all-round multi-purpose blade with a superior quality
  • Comfortable ergonomically designed polypropylene handle
  • Lanyard hole
  • Can be used for cutting dense vegetation and tree limbs of up to 1-inch thick
  • Lightweight making it easy to carry around
  • Excellent price

Cons of the Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri 

  • Some users complain that the handle is a bit thin
  • It is not ideal for heavy duty use

Best Parang Machete – Gerber Bear Grylls Parang

best machete Bear Grylls Gerber parang

Best Price

If you love the famous television British explorer Bear Grylls, then this multipurpose machete from Gerber is a perfect option for you. The Gerber Bear Grylls Parang is a modern machete that is part of the Bear Grylls line of products. It comes with a good weight distribution and an angled blade making ideal for clearing away all types of vegetation.

The 13.5 inch full tang blade is constructed from high carbon steel for enhanced strength, rust and corrosion resistance properties and long lasting sharpness. It has a full tang construction to boost its durability and a lanyard cord that allows you to wrap it around your wrist for extra grip security.

The Bear Grylls Parang comes with ergonomic textured rubber handle for maximum gripping power and comfort, thus reducing slippage. It also includes land to air rescue instructions and SOS. The tool has a pocket guide that contains Bear s survival essentials. It has an overall length of 19.5 inches, 13.5 inches blade length, 25.4 oz weight with sheath and 19.4 oz without sheath.

Pros of the Gerber Bear Grylls Parang

  • It is good for making small work of vines or branches
  • Forged from high carbon steel for maximum strength, durability and long lasting sharpness
  • A full tang construction
  • A lanyard hole for additional security
  • Has an ergonomic textured rubber handle for enhanced gripping power and comfort, thus reducing slippage
  • Angled blade ideal for cutting tree limbs and clearing brush
  • Plus a pocket guide that contains Bear survival essentials
  • And overall length of 19.5 inches making it easy to clear a large are in just a single swing

Cons of the Gerber Bear Grylls Parang 

  • Not ideal for cutting through thick branches
  • It requires re-sharpening after purchase
  • Some complaints that it is heavy when in the sheath.

Best Panga Machete – Cold Steel Panga

Best machete Cold Steel panga

Best Price

The cold steel Panga is currently one of the high rated Panga on the market. It is modeled after the standard machete shape for the entire African continent. This type is best for chopping down saplings, cutting through thick brush and small trees. It comes with a remarkably hardy 16 inch blade made out of high carbon steel. Its weight is distributed to the front to allow it to chop its way via brush, saplings, vines and even relatively thick wood.

The blade ends in sharp pointed tip that makes it ideal for slashing and skinning. It can also be used as a makeshift survival weapon. The full tang combines the handle and blade together ensuring an excellent structural support. The sheath it comes with is not of a good quality and you would better replace it with a modern version.

The cold steel Panga has a polypropylene handle that is light and easy to hold. The Panga blade with polypropylene handle has an overall length of 21.63 inch, a smart long blade with a sharp edge to assist get your work done on time. The Panga is made of high carbon steel that is water resistant and durable.

Pros of The Cold Steel Panga 

  • Modeled after the standard shape for the entire African continent.
  • Made of 1055 High Carbon Steel
  • It is ideal for chopping down saplings, cutting through thick brush and small trees
  • Has a polypropylene handle that is light and easy to hold
  • Has a smart long blade with a sharp edge to assist get your work done on time
  • Made of high carbon steel that is water resistant and durable
  • Has an overall length of 21.63 inch

Cons Of Cold Steel Panga 

  • Comes with a poor quality sheath
  • Some customers complained about blade dullness

Best Bolo Machete – Gerber Gator Bolo

best machete Gerber Gator bolo machete

Best Price

The Gerber Gator Bolo is a traditional jungle tool that is updated for modern utility. It is shaped like a bolo, mostly used in and around the house of Philippines for chopping food, cutting wood and clearing vegetation.

The blade has an ergonomic Gator grip handle that fits comfortably in your hand, especially in wet conditions. It has a full tang construction for power transfer, durability, and slip-proof grip that offer smart design upgrades.

The Gerber Gator bolo has a long blade that is made from stainless 1050-carbon steel. This steel has a swallow grind, though not razor like but that is not necessary when you owe a machete. If you need a razor-like blade you can sharpen the blade for your own. It also has a nylon sheath with D-ring and belt loop attachments for many carrying options. It is backed by Gerber’s lifetime warranty

Pros of Gerber Gator Bolo 

  • Traditional jungle tool updated for modern utility
  • Full tang construction for enhanced durability
  • The ergonomically designed handle fits comfortably in your hand and cannot slip easily even in wet weather conditions
  • Has a long blade that is made from 1050 high carbon steel
  • Lanyard for added safety and secure retention
  • Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime
  • Has a nylon sheath with D-ring and belt loop attachments for multiple carrying options
  • Has a bolo shape
  • Can be used for chopping wood, cutting wood and clearing vegetation

Cons of Gerber Gator Bolo 

  • It expensive but this is due to its excellent features

Best Latin Machete -Tramontina 24-inch

best machete tramontina latin machete

Best Price

The Tramontina 24-inch Latin is a perfect choice for hacking your way through the jungle, clearing away brush and vegetation on your property. It comes with an extra strong high carbon steel 24 inch blade and a gorgeous plastic handle that allows for a firm grip in most outdoor conditions.

The Tramontina Latin blade is one of the most economical machetes on the market today and it offers you an excellent cutting and chopping performance. It is lightweight and well balanced, weighing 1.5 pounds, making it comfortable to hold and swing. The machete has undergone a primary grind at the factory and requires further sharpening with a stone for a razor sharp cutting edge. The only shortcoming is that it does not come with a sheath, but you can buy one on amazon.

Pros of the Tramontina 24-inch 

  • Strong and incredibly sharp 24 inch blade
  • Sturdy and well-built for chopping and cutting
  • Excellent balance making it easy to control
  • Plastic handle with a firm grip
  • Lightweight
  • Very good length
  • Easy to hold

Cons of the Tramontina 24-inch 

  • It does not come with a sheath
  • Requires further sharpening after purchase for an razor sharp cutting edge

Best Billhook Machete – Fiskars Billhook

best machete Fiskars Billhook

Best Price

The Fiskars Brush Axe Billhook is a tool with the power of an axe. It is ideal for cutting trails, stripping logs or felling small trees and clearing out overgrowth. This type of a machete has a drop-forged steel blade for exceptional strength and durability.

Also it has a hardened steel blade with non-stick coating that allows you to use less energy when cutting. The tool has a tough Dura frame handle which is lightweight for easy handling and multiplied swing speed, yet strong and durable for lasting value.

The insert-molded design on the tool prevents the blade from separating or loosening from the handle. The Fiskars Brush Axe Billhook includes sheath for safe transportation and storage. Has a lifetime warranty.

Pros of the Fiskars Brush Axe Billhook 

  • Ideal for cutting trails, stripping logs or felling small trees and clearing out overgrowth
  • Has the power of an axe
  • Has a drop-forged steel blade for exceptional strength and durability
  • Dura frame handle is lightweight for easy handling and multiplied swing speed, yet strong and durable for lasting value
  • Hardened steel blade with nonstick coating cuts with less effort
  • Insert-molded design on the tool prevents the blade from separating or loosening from the handle
  • Comes sheath for safe for transportation and storage
  • Lifetime warranty.

Cons of the Fiskars Brush Axe Billhook 

  • A lot of care is needed when using or else it can cause a serious injury.

Best Cane Machete – 5ive Star Gear 21 Inches Bush

best machete 5ive Star Sugar Cane machete

Best Price

The 5ive Star Gear 21 inches cane is an excellent tool that is manufactured in Colombia. The 21 inches cane machete is mostly known for having the best quality British steel in the market. The bush 5ivr Star Gear is used for cutting sugarcane, brush clearing and for limbing small branches on felled and live trees.

The 5ive star bush machete has a large blade with a back notch to clear out the small limber limbs; making it a great tool. It also has a hook part that is important for gathering and pulling cut branches up from the ground. Comes with a riveted heavy duty wooden handle that is highly durable and comfortable when using. Also, it’s razor sharp thus saves your time .The tool is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Pros of 5ive Star Gear 21 Inches cane/ Bush 

  • Riveted heavy duty wooden handles
  • Constructed from high quality British steel
  • Has a large blade with a back notch to clear out the small limber limbs
  • Is used to cut sugarcane, brush and for cutting small branches and trees
  • Has a hook part that is important for gathering and pulling cut branches up from the ground
  • Riveted heavy duty wooden handle that is durable and comfortable to hold for long
  • It is razor –sharp 21-inch blade

Cons of 5ive Star Gear 21 Inches cane/ Bush 

  • It is expensive, but this is due to its good quality British steel

What exactly Is a Machete?


A machete is a broad blade that combines all the best elements of a small sword, an axe and a survival knife. It is one of the most versatile outdoor tools used for chopping hard objects, clearing bushes, hacking small branches, sawing through logs among other many uses. A machete’s chopping and cleaving power also make it a weapon to be feared.

The term “Machete” is derived from the Spanish language – the word “macho” meaning male or strong and is a reference to sledge hammers. Most machetes measure in length between 12 to 36 inches long, which is longer than most survival knives. Generally, they have a thickness ranging from 0.1 inches to 0.25 inches. One of the amazing features of machetes is that their handle is long enough so that users just need one hand to hack at what the need to hack at.

The good thing about machetes is that they are ridiculously affordable! You can buy one for as low as $10. Here is a tip though – don’t! Even for just cutting grass. You can purchase a really functional blade incredibly cheap. High quality machetes are also available for under $100 and there is a lot in-between. Check out our best machetes selection below.


What Can You Use a Machete For?


To answer this question comprehensively, we need to discuss the various types of machetes. The type you get largely depends on where you live – what type of vegetation or wood you will be cutting through and the intended use of the machete. Here are some of the common uses:

uses of a machete

Uses of a Machete

For Safety

  • Self-defense or Combat: If you need a machete for self-defense or combat, you should choose one that is able to slice effectively. The double-sided Panga will do this perfectly well. You also need a tool with a longer blade to keep more distance between you and your attacker. Thus, a long Bolo or Latin machete can be an ideal option too. If you have some more skill, the Kukri could be an ideal option for cutting or stabbing an attacker.

As a Tool

  • Shaping Wood: There are many machetes you can use to shape woods, but it all depends on the type of shape you want. Generally, you will require a tool with a very thin and light blade. A Latin or Bush Machete could be an ideal option. You can also go for a Kukri as the part of the blade near the handle is specifically sharped for carving or splicing wood.
  • Butchering Game: If you intend to use your blade for butchering tasks, then you need to choose one with a thin, pointed blade, like the Bowie Machete.
  • Chopping Wood: When it comes to chopping wood, you want a tool with a thick, heavy blade. There are many machete that can be used for this purpose, including Bolo and Panga machetes for hard chopping work and a Parang or Golok for lighter chopping work.
  • Clearing Thick Brush: You need a tool with a thicker sharp blade to go through a thick bush. The Golok and Parang machetes are an ideal option. The Kukri Machete may also work well as it has a curved blade that can be used for hooking branches.
  • Cutting Through Thin Bushes: If you need a blade for cutting via thin bushes then you want one with a thin blade to make it easier to go through thin brush without straining yourself. The Bolo and Latin machetes are good for this because they have a light thin blade.

There are many other uses of machetes, including cutting open a coconut, trimming tree branches and cutting down sugar cane plants, food preparations at the campsite, cutting firewood for camping and many more. To help you to understand the various uses of machetes, lets discuss the different types of machetes.

Types of Machetes on the Market Today

As we stated earlier, machetes come in many different shapes and forms, depending on their function: The most common types of machetes include:

types of machetes



Kukri Machetes

They are ideal for chopping vegetation and other camping tasks. The Kukri machete has three primary parts: a sharp pointed tip, a narrow section near the grip for carving and a thick middle for chopping.

Bolo Machetes

They are mainly used for cutting tough vegetation, shrubs, tree branches and limbs. Its functions are nearly similar to that of a heavy machete as its design. The only difference between them is that a Bolo machete has a tip that is more pointed and bulges out. This design gives a bolo more weight and strength to chop hard woods.

Parang Machetes

They have a curved edge and spine, which makes them ideal for cutting wood. The Parang machete has the unique shape that gives it extreme power and force to cut via harder woods. The curved shape also helps to keep the blade from getting stuck on the material being chopped.

Golok Machetes

They are believed to have originated from Indonesia. The Golok machete has a curved edge and spine, which makes it ideal for chopping and clearing brush, as well as for use as a weapon.

Panga Machetes

They are commonly found in Africa and the Caribbean. The Panga machete has a deep belly that provides weight for chopping and curvature for slicing. They are a perfect option for cutting thick brush and chopping down saplings. The fact that they are light and well balanced makes them ideal for use as an agricultural tool or as a Survival Machete.

Billhook Machetes

Also called the bagging hook, sheaf hook or trimming hook machetes. The Billhook machete is mainly used to shoot off branches and strip buds. These blades can also be used to cut vines and other wood related tasks.

Cane Machetes

They have a wide blade that makes them ideal for cutting thick stalks of sugarcane, corn, bamboo or any other thick stalk. A cane machete is also known as a Corn Knife.

Latin Machetes

They are all-purpose machetes with a normal, straight back blade. Their blade length ranges from 18 to 24 inches. The latin machete usually has a high quality carbon steel blade making it ideal for use in nearly any environment from the jungle to the farm.

Barong Machetes

They originated from the Philippines. The Barong machete has a blade length ranging from 8 inches 22 inches. They can be used for hunting or a survival machete.

Bowie Machetes

The Bowie machete originated in the United States and are named after the American Frontiersman, Jim Bowie. They have a clip point ideal for skinning animals, which is why they are commonly used by hunters and survivalists.

Tapanga Machetes

The Tapanga machete is characterized by a distinct back-swept weighted chisel tip. The flat cutting edge and front weighted blade makes them ideal for chopping.

Bush Machetes

It is an all-purpose blade that is used for everyday chopping and cutting. It is also known as a bush machete and it features a straight back blade.


When Was the Machete Invented?


historyTo answer this question, we will discuss a short history of machetes. There is not one clear origin story of the machetes. However, the design of a machete is believed to have been developed from the many designs of knives and swords. Machetes are believed to have been around and in use since the 16th Century. In fact, in the mid-1700s Cubans were using machetes to guard the city when they were attacked by Great Britain. With a bloody history, it is also important to mention the use of machetes in the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.

Knife historians say that the original concept of a machete originated from the falchion of the medieval age. The Falchion was a short sword that was very popular in the 13th century and onward. Its edge was a little curved and it point of the blade. The other parts of the edge were straight. The only difference between a machete and a falchion is that it does not have a guard and the handle is much simpler than the falchion. Even though some machetes have a guard, it is not a very common feature.

Machetes are also similar to the Dao of the Chinese tradition, or the Seax of the Germanic tool, or Makhaira or the Kopis of the ancient Greek. In addition, you may find that these blades may resemble the Fascine knife of the European armies from the 18th to 20th centuries.

Today, machetes are still being used by modern day armies also following the footsteps of the early soldiers. They are also often used to butcher and prepare game after the hunt, to split open coconuts harvest grapes and chop up vegetables.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Machetes


It is easy to buy a machete these days. However, you need to make ensure that it is right one for the job. To make things easier, we prepared some of the key questions you need to ask yourself before buying one.

What are machetes made out of?

The first question you need to ask yourself when choosing a machete is what materials the blade is made of. There are three options: high carbon steel, stainless steel and carbon steel.

types of steel used for machete blades

1. High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades

High carbon stainless steel blades combine the features of carbon and stainless steel, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. These blades are resistant to rust however; they have excellent edge retention. In addition, blades made of this material have the benefits of a strong metal that holds it is longer, combined with rust resistant benefits of stainless steel. Blades made of high carbon stainless steel are more costly, but are an ideal option for survival purposes.

Pros: Has all the best features of stainless steel and carbon

Cons: Low heat tolerance

2. Stainless Steel Blades

Stainless steel is actually steel with chromium and nickel added in. These two metals help to give steel excellent rust resistant properties. This type of steel requires little to maintenance since it is naturally rust resistant. It is also softer meaning that it does not hold is edge as well and requires sharpening more frequently. However, stainless steel is more costly than carbon steel and is usually found in more decorative blades.

Pros of Stainless Steel

  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Easier to maintain than carbon steel
  • Sharpening is easy

Cons of Stainless Steel

  • Softer edge and tip
  • Edge does not last as long as carbon steel
  • More costly than carbon steel

3. Carbon Steel Blades

Carbon steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and is commonly found in machete. The addition of carbon helps to make the blade stronger and helps it to remain sharper for an extended period of time. However, since the carbon steel is strong, it harder to sharpen. When it comes to price, carbon steel blades are cheaper than stainless steel. However, they can rust and must be oiled regularly to prevent moisture from rusting the blade. Since carbon steel is less costly and stronger, it is most often found in agricultural and survival blades.

Pros of the Carbon Steel Blades

  • Does not require frequent sharpening
  • Harder than stainless
  • More affordable than stainless steel

Cons of Carbon Steel Blades

  • Moisture leads to rust

How Much Does a Machete Weigh?

The average weight of a machete is between 1 and 2.5 lbs. Depending on your task, you may require a heavy tool for cutting thick branches or a lighter one for carrying on your hip during a long hike. If you do not know what you will use it for, consider choosing a middle of the road weight.

More importantly, ensure that your tool is well balanced. The balance is determined by the weight of its handle and blade. A good machete should not have a handle that is too much heavier than the blade and vice versa.

If the blade and handle have different weights, the tool will be uncomfortable to use. A well balanced tool gives maximum versatility as well as control. To determine if a blade is well balance or not, try balancing it on your middle finger.

How Long Should a Machete Be?

Machetes come in various sizes, usually ranging from as small as 10 inches to longer than 28 inches. The smaller the blade, the less it weighs. A shorter blade is usually easy to control and it is also easier to wear. Similarly, a long blade allows for more momentum when swung and can clear a large are with just a single swing. However, long blades can be inconvenient when it comes to carrying them around. The average machete length is around 18 inches.

How Thick Is a Machete Blade?

The thickness of a machete blade determines its durability and they type of vegetation or wood you can successfully chop. Most blades have thickness of around 1/8 inches thick. This is because a very thin blade is usually easy to maneuver and is a perfect option for those who want a tool for chopping through bushes and jungle like vegetation. However, due to the thinness of the blade, it is advisable that you do not use your machete to chop something thick and strong as you run the risk of damaging the blade.

What other Features Should You Look for?

Apart from the features we have discussed above, you also need to consider the following aspects when choosing the best machete:

Sheath: If your tool does not come with a sheath, consider getting one. A sheath helps to protect the blade and to make sure you do not get injured accidentally. Nylon is the most commonly used materials, but there are others that are made out of leather or Cardura which looks more heavy duty.

Machete Tang

When choosing your tool, always go for one with a full tang whenever possible. Full tang means that the handle and blade are joined. If you go for a machete is only partial tang, the blade part could come off after a hard strike. Thus, for safety and efficiency, consider buying a full tang machete where possible.

Machete Handle

types of machete handles

The best machete should have a handle that is very comfortable and should not slip from your hand. Your hand will get slippery from sweat, rain or if soaked in water. If it has a solid, nonslip, ergonomic grip, you have got a good handle.

The handles can be made of different materials, including rubber, hardwood and steel. Machetes like the Tramontina and Condor have handles made from hardwood for a good secure grip. However, wooden handles may become slippery in wet weather or when you start sweating. Plastic or rubber handles are ideal for all kinds of outdoor conditions.

The Cold Steel brand has a long lasting polypropylene handle while the Ka-Bar Kukri has a non-slip thermo plastic handle. The Gerber Bear Grylls has a textured rubber grip while the Ontario Knife Co. has a molded black plastic handle. Before buying your machete, consider trying different handles so you can have a good feel on how comfortable you will be holding it.

Machete Sharpness

The sharpness of your blade determines how easy or hard it will be able to cut via dense vegetation and tree branches. Most machetes have a great level of sharpness; however, it is standard industrial practice for most manufacturers to have their blades to undergo grinding at the factory, thus the blade may not be as sharp straight out of the box. However, if you sharpen it with a sharpening stone, it will have that razor sharp cutting edge.


Which are The Best Machetes on The Market?


First, you need to know the best machete brands on the market today. Note that there are many brands that create subpar tools and sell them at very low prices. They do not last a long time and you will need to sharpen them frequently if the blade does chip away or crack with use. If you are looking for the best blades on the market, you should consider some of the brands below.

Best Brands

Condor Tool and Knife

condor tool and knife logo

Condor Tool and Knife has been producing quality machetes and knives for over 225 years. The company started its operations in 1787 as the as the GEBR WEYESBERG COMPANY in Solingen, Germany. All Condor machetes come with a heavy duty sheath and are unsurpassed in the quality of their craftsmanship. In 1964, the company opened a new facility in Santa Ana, El Salvador where their world-famous edged tools are produced today.


Cerber logo


Gerber is a leading high quality machete manufacturer. They are one of the high rated brands on the market today. The Gerber machete comes with an unsurpassed high quality that is backed by many years of experience. Gerber makes a large variety of knives and tools, and if you are looking for the best survival tool, this is certainly one of the brands you should consider.

Cold Steel

cold steel logo


Cold Steel is another popular brand that has brought together a number of manufacturers from around the world together to produce their line of super quality machetes. The Cold Steel machete is recognizable with a signature black rust resistant finish and superb build quality. Cold Steel machetes come in wide range of styles and sizes.


Tramontina machete logo

Tramontina is another trusted machete manufacturer based in Brazil. They make straightforward machetes win classic blade shapes with solid hardwood handles. The Tramontina machete blades are forged from high quality carbon steel, making them easy to maintain. The fact that the blades are made of strong metals, means they can retain their sharpness for long. Tramontina machetes are highly rated and are certainly a budget brand you can rely on.

Ontario Knife Company (OKC)

ontario knife logo


The Ontario Knife Company is based in New York. It manufactures a large variety of cutlery tools and machetes. Since its establishment in 1889, the company has been producing high quality cutting tools and has remained one of the trusted machete manufacturers in the USA. It is widely known for its excellent craftsmanship and materials.


SOG knife logo


SOG is a top knife and tool manufacturer. They are best known for their machetes and outdoor tools. SOG may appear like a budget company on the surface, but they manufacture exceptional machetes for a reasonable price. If you are a serious machete enthusiast, you will certainly love what SOG machetes will do.


Hansa logo

Hansa machetes are made in Ecuador. They are popularly known for their quality among those who use them. The Hansa machetes are increasingly becoming a preferred agricultural tool for farmers in the Andes region of South America. Their machetes are also used as a standard survival tool for the Ecuadorian Special Forces. These machetes are for sale in South America and are not available anywhere in North America.


KA-BAR logo

Ka-Bar, pronounced K (like the letter K) is a classic name in survival knives. The company used to specialize in the manufacturer of combat knives for military use but has now branched out into other tools. They have produced a wide range of high quality machetes. Their knives and machetes are very popular on the internet since it is the ninth bestselling brand on Amazon. Some reviewers stated that they loved how their machetes were razor sharp right out of the box.


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